200TC Organic Cotton Washed Percale Fitted Sheet Set

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Fitted Sheet90X200+20 *
Pillowcases50 X 60

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Adjustable fitted sheet, designed with an elastic band to fit over any mattress snugly. Elevate your comfort with our pillowcases.

The GOTS certification guarantees the purity of this fiber, ensuring that its seeds have not been genetically modified.

To select your size, please be sure of the height of your mattress and check whether you're using a mattress topper.

* This set includes one fitted sheet and one pillowcase. The other sizes include one fitted sheet and two pillowcases.

Keep your mattress protected and tucked in with our must-have Organic Cotton Percale fitted sheet.
Features an elastic hem on top edges, so the sheet pulls over any mattress to ensure a tailored, snug fit.
The pillowcases are finished with a fine, simple edging.

GOTS - Organic Certified by Control Union Certifications - CU1000563, Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX® - 10209CIT - CITEVE

* The dimensions apply to the products' size, not the bed's size.

• Botanically Sourced & Certified - Garments certified by GOTS - Global Organic Textile Standard -the world's most rigorous and important organic certifier. This certification offers security and transparency by ensuring the product has been tested and audited from seed, cultivation, harvest, dyeing, and manufacturing. The certification also protects our artisans and all scenarios involved in the organic cotton production process.
• Harmful Substance Free - OEKO-TEX® certification ensures that cotton is grown using predefined organic cultivation methods and processed, manufactured, and labeled according to strict environmental and social criteria. This includes using non-toxic dyes and strict control of labor and working conditions by fair trade rules. It also ensures that products bearing the GOTS and OEKO-TEX® seals on the label have been manufactured without using GMOs and tested against pesticides and other substances harmful to workers, the planet, and their health.
• Sustainable Dyeing - Our colors are obtained through the dyeing process, done after cutting and making, by certified suppliers. In this process, water is reused, and energy resources are saved. Only the amount of water that is naturally lost in the stages of the process, such as evaporation, water absorption by the fibers, and cleaning of the machines, is replaced.
• Hypoallergenic - GOTS Organic Cotton is best suited for children or people with allergies and/or sensitive or atopic skin.
• Sustainable Buttons - The buttons used in the Lusorganic collection are made with Recycled Cotton Fibers, with the detail of The Home of Nature brand engraved.

Every detail is carefully thought out. The sustainable Organic Cotton Percale packaging includes the Lusorganic Collection logo printed on the front.
Our Organic Cotton packaging is made out of the bed linen fabric itself, using surplus cut that is then turned into beautiful packaging to reduce waste.
We would love for you to reuse it! You may tidy up your linen closet, organize your luggage, or just use it as extra storage.

Bedding: 100% Organic Cotton Percale.
Labels: 100% recycled yarns.

Please follow the care instructions:

• Machine wash in a delicate cycle with mild detergent or hand wash
• Remove immediately at the end of the cycle to prevent staining
• No bleach
• Tumble dry low heat
• Do not dry-clean
• Low temperature ironing

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