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Rise and shine! The Home of Nature provides you with invigorating moments through naturally soft, direct-to-consumer, luxury linens.

Woman lying in a green field wrapped in a TENCEL™ Lyocell sheet.

Welcome to The Home of Nature, aka THON.

Let us introduce ourselves in the spirit of an open letter. Who are we, though? We gladly present ourselves as a sustainable bedding and bath linen brand, tailored to your values.

Because all homes speak emotions, THON aspires to be present in all areas of your home, specially in the most magical ones. From your haven in bed to your charming nook in the bathroom.

We design and manufacture unique pieces that respect both your own needs and current environmental challenges. At heart, we aim for our creations to be as exceptional as you are. So, we hope you get to feel the contrast of green, artisan-crafted bed and bath linens.

Dedicated to crafting prestigious home textiles, our factory takes inspiration from Nature’s one-of-a-kind colors and textures. In each creation, we bring Nature to your home. You can feel it in the naturally soft touch of our styles.

100% certified processes

Rustically styled room with white Egyptian Cotton™ bedding and plants and a chandelier on night table.

As to ensure all of our products meet top sustainability standards, we prioritize eco-friendly resources with certified features. By choosing TENCEL™ Lyocell and Egyptian Cotton™, we handle only the finest fibers.

Raw materials are sourced from sustainably managed forests and fields, respectively, and then turned into high-quality fabrics. It can be attested by our PEFC and FSC certification.

Keeping our carbon footprint in mind, we strictly follow conscious textile manufacturing processes, which are free from harmful chemicals. Our production is also limited edition, meaning each capsule collection is low waste.

Since environmental responsibility is the groundwork of our actions, we follow the principle of upcycling. With an eye on achieving it, THON takes surplus from the production process and creates laundry bags and multi-use eco-friendly packaging. Thus, reducing single-use plastics.

Better home, better planet

Woman wrapped in a green duvet cover in TENCEL™ Lyocell.

THON is committed to the people around us and the generations to come. We know that there is no greater heirloom than to act now for a better world tomorrow. So, our by investing in ethically made, eco-friendly products, we create a more sustainable future.

All of THON’s bed and bath collections are meticulously woven by the experienced “golden hands”, as we like to call them, of local artisans to learn from their wisdom.

Additionally, we have teamed up with certified suppliers who respect the same highest environmental norms and share our commitment to reducing textile waste. All of them are carefully selected from Portugal to the world.

In a transparency effort, our OEKO TEX label also protects all workers. It certifies that every component of the products, without exception, from the fabric to the thread and accessories, has been rigorously tested against toxic substances.

A rich life of well-being

Plant on wood table on the bedroom in a black vase.

According to our founders, THON is about living with less and enjoying more. We care about your sleep experience, offering you luxurious, sustainable textiles that reflect our appreciation for Nature, while providing the most relaxing moments.

From now on, stay tuned for tips on the art of taking care of yourself. We will share insightful ideas for a good night's sleep.

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