Nature is an end in itself.

The Home of Nature's creative territories that guide our creations evoke the power and impact of Nature in our lives, so sustainability is integrated into every single point of the brand.

We use available resources to limit textile waste and carbon footprint by manufacturing products in limited quantities and highly local.

We constantly seek to come up with initiatives that create value for the waste inevitably generated along the production chain, trying to reduce or eliminate disposal and increase the life cycle of inputs and products.

For The Home of Nature, the imperfect or discarded take on new meaning. All packaging of our bedding and laundry bags are made from the fabrics themselves, coming from the collection's surplus. The cutting and manufacturing of the pieces are planned with precision, generating a new value chain for fabrics at the end of their life cycle, without waste. In addition, the labels and accessories that accompany the products are made with recycled and certified materials.