Avoid overproduction, buy responsible

On-Demand System


We take our commitment to the environment and to you to the highest level. It’s for you and for a bright and sustainable future that we strive to find efficient and eco-friendly production processes, always respecting our ecosystem. With On-Demand production, we can bring you luxury bedding without damaging the environment and future generations.

In this system, we produce only what is demanded and ordered through pre-orders without stockpiling or waste. So we avoid overusing energy and natural resources, reusing all the water and energy used throughout the process. Only the naturally lost water, by evaporation or absorption, is replaced.


Sustainable & Ethical Production

On-Demand System

Ecological Manufacturing

We produce only the demand quantity, always focusing on energy efficiency and reusing natural resources.

Production & Delivery

Competitive & Fair Price

Responsible, certified production allows us to grant our artisans safety and fair wages and to offer you 20% off.

Nature Invades Your Home

Unique & Exclusive Products

We produce bedding according to your needs and personal preferences, ensuring your product is unique.

On-Demand Shopping VS Traditional Shopping

  • Products woven if ordered
  • No overproduction
  • No stockpiling
  • Promotes conscious shopping
  • Mass production
  • Resource wastage
  • Surplus stock is discarded
  • Promotes impulse shopping