Step by Step to Create an Indoor Garden

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Gardens are an incredible place to slow down and enjoy the best of Nature. Whether you live in a studio or a house with outdoor space, experience this peace all year round with an indoor garden.

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Imagine bringing Mother Nature’s beauty and serenity into your home, turning it into an oasis of well-being. Biophilic design is inspired by this principle, where the connection between Nature and indoor spaces is boosted. As well as being a trend, building a conservatory helps reduce stress and improves your quality of life.

More than just connecting nature with the indoors, a conservatory consists of a greenhouse attached to the house, or inside it, to protect plants from the cold. Initially created by European nobility, these gardens gave life to large conservatories in prestigious palaces.

At first sight, creating an indoor garden seems complex, but the secret lies in choosing plants with needs that match your daily rhythm. Explore all our tips for creating a space that harmoniously connects Nature and your favorite corner.

1. Plan your space

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Start by designing your garden in the space you have chosen to welcome Nature. If, for example, your areas are too small, go for a vertical garden on a prominent wall or even your kitchen with the aromatic herbs you use most. Remember to pick an area that allows the plants to grow with space, free from limitations.

However, if you have the chance, why not create a sensory experience with a real winter garden? You can already imagine yourself reading a good book in the coziness of this haven, can’t you?

Although it seems the most important thing, the dimensions of the space are not enough. Also, consider the natural light and temperature. Select the plants that suit your reality based on the space's conditions.

However, suppose you are a lover of plants that go against the conditions of the selected area. In that case, you can always create the conditions artificially. For example, heated propagators and LED lights can be a solution for colder spaces.

2. Choose the right indoor plants

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There are plants suitable for all tastes and adapted to any lifestyle. The choice will come down to the needs of our plants and the space set aside for them.

You'll love tall indoor plants and vines if you want to give your home a makeover and have the space. These options bring life to any dull wall or corner.

Aromatic plants are perfect for embellishing and giving your spaces more personality with their enveloping fragrances. Let yourself be carried away by their aromas and enjoy relaxing.

If, on the other hand, you don’t have much time and want to give that corner a new lease of life, consider low-maintenance plants. They are usually smaller and require less care, but without sacrificing the rustic touch they add to any decor. Cactus and jade are species full of personality and, let’s say, very independent.

3. Dress up your garden

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Plants are the personality of your garden, but pots are the soul. Clay or ceramic pots are great for adding a more rustic touch to your home. If you prefer, bring your essence to this space and make your own pots. The possibilities are endless, from restoring old flowerpots to turning everyday objects into flowerpots.

Natural materials such as stone and wood are still a trend and make the perfect match with your garden decor. What's more, these materials help retain moisture. A golden tip for those who don't have much time to focus on their plants.

Give this new space a unique touch by suspending the pots from the ceiling. This tip is great for those who don't have much space to create their indoor garden. Light sources can also be interesting to enhance the beauty of your plants and create a more welcoming atmosphere at night.

Create the perfect harmony between what Nature has to offer and your home decor, then enjoy the calm of your new paradise.

4. The most fascinating part: taking care of your plants

Any plant requires some maintenance. It's essential to find out about your plants' species and make sure they get the right amount of light and water. Also, remember to monitor the temperature of the environment. Variations can affect the growth of our little plants.

Protecting your plants from pests, parasites, and insects is also important. Each species is different, so before you take your new friend home, find out about its most common infestations. This way, you'll be more vigilant and take the right actions to protect your garden.

From now on, enjoy and savor your plants blooming, it's a beautiful process that evokes the best of Nature. Let yourself be carried away by its lightness and enjoy its benefits. There is no right or wrong in creating an indoor garden, prioritize your well-being and raise your home's aura with this new favorite spot.

If you are a plant lover and already have your own indoor garden, share your experience with our community. We'd love to hear your tips!


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