How to Reuse Our Eco-Friendly Packaging

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Rethink and repurpose! Our fabric packaging does more than pack your orders. Learn 5 clever ways to upcycle, and get the most out of your THON eco-friendly packaging.

Golden zipper detail on the sustainable fabric packaging from THON.

So many people throw away their packaging waste from online shopping. For us, that is not even an issue! We design our packaging and laundry bags with intent, so you can easily reuse them in your everyday routine.

We use smart design as a green alternative to single-use plastics, further lowering our carbon footprint. Our packaging comes from the bed linen fabric itself, made from natural raw materials such as Egyptian Cotton™ and FSC-certified TENCEL™ Lyocell fiber.

The point of The Home of Nature is to create solutions not only functional and aesthetically pleasing, but that enhance your lifestyle. We have rounded up a list of five versatile ways to upcycle packaging so that you carry on with our repurpose loop.

1. Aesthetic room decor

The Home of Nature eco-friendly laundry bag.

You can repurpose packaging by using our laundry bag as part of your laundry room or even on your bedroom decor. This planet-friendly idea is great for storing items such as duvet covers, sheets, towels, or whatever you wish.

Stowing away dirty laundry in a cute, stylish, and high-quality fabric bag can also be a tremendous way of extending the lifespan of your packaging. You may either keep it out of sight in your wardrobe, put it under your bed, or even set it on display.

2. Storage ideas

Woman removing a pillowcase from mint green bag on top of TENCEL™ The Home of Nature.

Tidy up your linen closet! Our multiple packages are a convenient way to help you get practical and organized in everyday life.

Besides helping to save space, these organizers are perfect for storing towels or bedding sets in the closet – or just use them as extra storage for whatever you please.

As you should avoid storing your items in plastic bags or cardboard boxes, these reusable storage bags feel upscale while protecting your linens.

3. Arts and crafts

The Home of Nature beige fabric bag, shot from above.

Our low waste living tip is using our sustainable packaging as a gift wrap alternative. Why not creatively repurpose our eco-friendly products as an artistic fabric gift wrap?

Instead of buying new wrapping paper every time you are going to offer a present to someone, transform our packages into a pre-loved, unique, and zero waste gift wrap. Plus, add a personal message to the packaging, and your gift will be remembered for a long time.

There are tons of other original possibilities and DIY projects to do with our textile packages. Just put your imagination to work and have fun!

4. Make overnight guests welcome

Set of four gray washcloths folded in a fabric bag.

Whether they are spending the night or just stopping by for dinner, you want to make sure your guests feel comfortable in your home.

Gather some much-needed items such as hand towels or washcloths, and fold them in our The Home of Nature textile packaging. Houseguests will feel at home and will appreciate you going the extra mile to prepare such a thoughtful guest room.

5. Packing cubes for travel

Embalagem de tecido de Algodão Egípcio branco e dourado.

Efficiency on the go! Packing cubes are increasingly popular because they are so practical. Not only do these travel accessories organize the contents of your carry-on luggage, bag, or backpack, but they are also light and won’t take up much room.

As they make packing and unpacking way easier, feel free to reuse our sustainable packaging as an organizer on your next vacation. Take the opportunity to organize your make-up and beauty and toiletries in our nécessaires. You will avoid overpacking, and surely transform your travel game.

All THON products come packed in earth-friendly packaging and are safe throughout their life cycle. You can rest knowing that 100% of not only our products but our packaging are free from harmful chemicals using clean production technologies.

Having reusable packaging, there is no more room for disposable plastic bags! The fabric packaging from THON is designed to optimize materials. The goal is to give a second life to surplus cut and, more importantly, an additional value.

From a beautiful sustainable gift wrap to extra storage, let’s pave the way for reducing packaging waste, and shape a sustainable future together. Let us know if you have any more ideas on how to reuse our eco-friendly packaging.


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