Terms and Conditions

This information, defined as Terms and Conditions, establishes the legal terms that apply to the use of our website. Please read the information contained therein carefully and make sure you understand it before using our website and any of the services available on it. The use of this website implies your acceptance of this document.

  1. General Settings

  2. The owner of the website - www.thehomeofnature.com - in this document, will be hereinafter referred to as the owner.

    Privacy Policy - a document that describes the procedures that the owner uses to collect and process data from those who visit the website.

    Terms and Conditions - a document that establishes a set of rules (general or special) that, associated with the other legislation in force, regulate the use of the website.

    User - one who accesses or makes use of the website.

  3. Ownership of the Website

  4. This website is the owner’s official website on the internet and its entire content is the owner’s property.

    These Terms and Conditions regulate access to this website, as well as its use. By accessing any part or section of this website, using it, or any service linked to the latter, the user declares that he accepts these Terms and Conditions, being subject to all obligations that are contained in this document. If you do not accept, please stop using this website immediately.

    The owner reserves the right to change both the content and services of this website, as well as these Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice. The respective changes will take effect from the exact moment that they are published on this website. Acceptance is assumed if the user continues to use the website after the changes have taken effect.

    Therefore, the user is advised by the owner to regularly consult the Terms and Conditions to check for updates and changes.

    The owner reserves the right, at any time and without prior notice, to remove the website and other content and reserves itself, likewise, the right to, at any time and without prior notice to limit, refuse or interrupt, partially or in full, any user’s access to this website.

    The rights referred to in this section can be exercised by the owner without the need to provide any other reason.

    When purchasing a good or service on this website, the user declares that is aware that he has entered into a contract with the owner.

  5. Privacy

  6. Data obtained through the use, by a private individual, of this website will be strictly treated following our Privacy Policy, which can be consulted on our website.

    This website uses cookies to improve the user experience and provide you with a more efficient service. For more information, please see our Privacy Policy.

  7. Intellectual Property

  8. All content published on this website is owned and managed by the owner. However, there may be situations where the published content is owned by third parties. In such cases, such content will only be available after authorization from the respective third parties.

    Copyright and related rights, as well as industrial property rights, which cover all information and content provided by the owner and its partners, in this website, as well as the software used to operate it, belong entirely to the owner and/or its partners. This list is not exhaustive, so any other rights/situations/content not referenced are reserved.

    The user is not authorized to modify, publish, transmit, share, transfer, reproduce, distribute, execute, reprocess, assign or commercially exploit, partially or integrally the contents or services (including the software itself) of this website.

    However, the user is allowed to download or copy the integral contents that can be downloaded from this website, provided that it is done exclusively for personal use, with due respect for copyright and other intellectual rights and provided that a mention is made of the brand(s) described above in those reproductions.

    The practice of any conduct referred to in the first part of this number is, expressly, prohibited, without prejudice to cases in which the owner has previously authorized it in writing.

    The owner reserves the right to take legal action against the author of any of the conduct prohibited in the preceding paragraphs.

  9. Responsibility

  10. The owner does not guarantee to the user that contents or services available on this website fulfil or can fulfil any needs or expectations of the user. Indeed, the website may contain inaccuracies or errors, although the owner seeks to act with the utmost rigor in this activity.

    The owner and other partners will make every effort to avoid errors in the content of this website and to guarantee the safety of the users, as well as the reliability of the software used.

    However, it is not possible to offer a full guarantee as to the suitability, availability, absence of viruses (or other components that may cause damage) of the software and services present on this website, nor as to the accuracy of the information contained therein, so the owner rejects any liability, for any damages, direct, indirect and/or accidental, resulting from the use of this website; also does not guarantee that any existing error in the software will necessarily be corrected.

    No advice or information obtained by the user through this website will create any guarantee that is not expressed in these conditions. Thus, the owner will not be liable to the user for any losses suffered by this and/or third parties, resulting from the use or inability to use this website or its contents or due to delays, interruptions, errors and suspensions of communications and loss of information in that sequence, originated from factors beyond its control and not attributable to it, namely, any deficiencies or failures caused by the computer viruses or resulting from the downloading of infected files or containing viruses or other properties that may affect the user’s terminal equipment, particularly when the user does not install the appropriate software to protect access, as well as in situations of unpredictable system overload.

    The owner is not responsible for any losses suffered by the user and/or third parties that may arise from technical failures of capture, visualization or use that are not attributable to him or resulting from the failure to update the respective contents. It is also not responsible for losses suffered by the user and/or third parties that may arise from any unauthorized use of the servers used by the owner and/or all information and data hosted there. The owner does not assume any responsibility for the losses resulting from eventual situations of impossibility, delay, suspension or interruption in access to this website due to technical failures or other reasons, not guaranteeing, in the same way, access to the website without interruptions or disruptions resulting from technical problems.

    Likewise, the owner cannot be held responsible for any errors, deficiencies or inaccuracies in the contents, information or services provided on this website.

    The owner cannot guarantee the total immunity of this website to hackers, viruses or other intrusion software.

    The download of any material available on this website is the sole responsibility of the user, and the owner cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss of information resulting from the download.

    The Owner disclaims all liability for the content of any other website. The owner will not be held responsible, in any way, for any loss or damage suffered by the user as a result of the use, by the latter, of a website to which this website is connected through links. The presence, if any, on our website of links to other websites does not give any guarantee concerning the security, timeliness or adequacy of the content of these websites, and therefore, the owner cannot be held responsible.

  11. User Responsibility

    • The user declares and warrants that:
    • No material sent to the email addresses made available on the website contains defamatory, offensive, vexing, pornographic, obscene, intimidating, racist, instigating content to engage in any unlawful act or that violates any third party property right, including by way of example, any copyright.
    • The user’s content is submitted by adults. The user acknowledges that and agrees that all elements submitted via email can be used by the owner, without prejudice to the rules of copyright and related rights, industrial property privacy and data protection, and no compensation or recognition is due to him.
    • Following the previous paragraph, the user grants the owner a global, irrevocable, royalty-free, non-exclusive license, which may be sublicensed or transferable to use, reproduce, distribute, use in public, publicly display, transmit and publish.
  12. Orders

  13. Orders on the website www.thehomeofnature.com can only be placed by people 18 years of age or older. After placing an order, you will receive an email confirming receipt of your order, containing details of the product ordered. The order confirmation email should not be interpreted as an acceptance of the order by The Home of Nature.

    If the order is rejected or changed due to any valid reason, our Customer Service team will contact you via email/billing address/telephone number provided when placing the order. The Home of Nature may also reject, limit or prohibit orders that may have been placed by sellers, resellers or any other without authorization to market The Home of Nature products. You will not be charged for the order/item whose sale was rejected.

    1. Confirmation

    2. The order should only be considered as accepted when sending confirmation of product shipment.

      The contract between The Home of Nature and the user will only be valid when sending the Shipping Confirmation. The contract signed is only valid for products shipped, so there is no contract signed on a product that appears in the order but whose Shipping Confirmation has not yet been sent by The Home of Nature. The Home of Nature excludes itself from the responsibility of sending any product that appears in the order and for which no Shipping Confirmation has yet been issued.

    3. Price and Payment

    4. By placing an order on the website www.thehomeofnature.com , the user assumes to pay, in full, all orders placed. You can consult the payment available on our website, on our payment methods page or on our FAQ page.

      The product’s prices from The Home of Nature’s online store will be analyzed periodically and include the value of VAT (when applicable) at the rate in force in the country of delivery, on the day the order was placed. The prices shown on the detail page for each product do not contain shipping costs, however, they will be shown before the order is completed. The total costs of your order will be displayed together with the order summary before confirmation.

      If you choose to pay in a currency other than the default currency in your bank account, you might be charged a currency conversion fee. Product prices may vary by country.

    5. Product Availability

    6. The availability of products is not guaranteed when you place an order. This can happen due to stock-outs. When that happens, we may reject your order. If your order is rejected, you will receive a communication via email/billing address/telephone indicated when ordering.

  14. Pricing and Other Errors

  15. We make every effort every day so that the information (for example colors and product’s characteristics) on our website are as accurate as possible. However, there may be several factors that can affect the accuracy of this information. The specifications of your display advice, screen or settings can affect the accuracy that The Home of Nature aims for.

    By mistake, the information found on the website may contain a typographical error, visual or written inaccuracies or even omissions that may, not exclusively, be related to product descriptions, price or availability.

    Any information regarding the price and availability of products may be changed at any time.

  16. Delivery and Acceptance of Products

  17. The Home of Nature will use the service of third parties to deliver the orders placed. The partners selected by The Home of Nature to deliver the orders may need to access customer information such as the phone number and address to confirm the schedule and address of the delivery, respectively. The customer, when placing an order on our website, expressly accepts the sharing of the necessary data with the delivery company.

    Each order will be provided with a shipping number, so you can track the shipping status of your order. You can track the delivery status of your order, logging into your account. Due to stock availability reasons or any other valid reason, an order with more than one item may be sent separately. When this happens, each shipment will be accompanied by a shipping number, so you can track the order status.

  18. Warranty

  19. The products sold on www.thehomeofnature.com are protected by a warranty against manufacturing defects or any irregularities in the product. To use the warranty, you must return the product as soon as possible, accompanied by proof of purchase.

    To make a complaint, you must send an email to the address customerservice@thehomeofnature.com.

  20. Returns and Exchanges of Orders

  21. If you want to return an item because you are not satisfied with the product or for any other reason, we will accept your return, as long as the item meets the requirements:

    • The article must be new;
    • It has not been used;
    • Contains all original labels;
    • The item must not be worn, washed or modified;
    • The item must not be worn, washed or modified;

    This Returns Policy does not invalidate or compromise legal rights under current legislation, including your legal right to withdrawal.

    The refund of returned items will be refunded to you in the same form of payment used to purchase the product. At the end of the return process, you will receive a confirmation email.

    You can return or exchange an order placed on the website www.thehomeofnature.com using the return method that we have available. All returns or exchanges of items must be made within 30 days from the date of receipt of the order. If, for any reason, your order was received in different deliveries, the 30 days deadline for returning any item begins to count from the date of receipt of the last delivery.

    1. Return Process:

    2. To return or exchange your order, you must follow the instructions below:

      • Fill in the necessary information in the return form that you will find at your Account;
      • Make sure to include all documentation on the return form;
      • You should pack the items securely, ensuring that you comply with all the requirements mentioned above. Try to use the original packaging and shipping materials;
      • Fix the pre-addressed and prepaid return label on the return package;
      • Our Customer Service team will get in touch with you to plan all procedures;
      • We will schedule the collection of the item at the shipping address;
      • Returns are processed within a maximum period of 14 business days;
      • The refund of the item will be made using the same method of payment that was used to pay for it.

      The customer is responsible for correctly packaging, labelling and shipping the product. You must keep proof of shipment as a safeguard.

      If a returned item does not meet the return requirements, we may have to resend it to you.

      If you have lost your return form or your return label, you should contact our Customer Service through the email address customerservice@thehomeofnatue.com.

    3. Exchange an Item:

    4. If an item does not match the appropriate size, you can request an exchange as long as you return the original item.

      To do this, you must complete the form available in your account. The return process of the original item will proceed according to the terms indicated above for return.

      The customer is responsible for correctly packaging, labelling and shipping the item. You must keep proof of shipment as a safeguard.

      If a returned item does not meet the requirements, we may have to resend it back to you.

      If you have lost your return form or return label, you should contact our Customer Service through the email address customerservice@thehomeofnatue.com.

  22. Other Returns

  23. Return a Gift:

    • Gifts can also be returned. To return a gift, email us to customerservice@thehomeofnatue.com with the subject “Return a gift”. We will contact you as soon as possible to proceed with the exchange process.
    • Please note that the refund of a gift can only be made using the same method and for the same account as the original payment.
  24. Free Contract Resolution

  25. The user has the legal right to freely terminate the contract within 14 days after the sign of the contract. The right to freely terminate the contract may be requested for any reason, and the user must inform The Home of Nature of his willingness to terminate the contract. In this sense, the user will have to fill in the Form for Free Resolution of the Contract (see below), which should be sent to customerservice@thehomeofnatue.com.

    If you decide to freely terminate the contract, The Home of Nature will:

    • Refund the amount you paid for the products. Please note that The Home of Nature is authorized by law to reduce the refund amount if the product is considered to have improper treatment by the user. If for any reason, the amount is refunded to you before we have been able to inspect the product and, after a careful evaluation, we verify any improper treatment, you may be charged;
    • Refund the value of order delivery costs;
    • Proceed with the refund as soon as possible, within a maximum of 14 days after we have been notified of the intention to cancel/withdraw the contract;
    • The Home of Nature may also withhold the refund until receipt of the returned products, or bay sending proof of return.

    If, you receive the item before deciding that you want to cancel/withdraw your order:

    • You are required to return the item within a maximum of 30 days from the date you inform The Home of Nature of your intention to cancel/withdraw your order;
    • Except for a defective or non-conforming product, if the user wishes to cancel/withdraw the order, he will be bearing the costs of returning the product.
  26. Promotions

  27. The website www.thehomeofnature.com may, at any time, carry out any activities such as sweepstakes or promotions that configure the sending of information and materials for registration. Such events will be accompanied by specific rules and policies for the occasion, which you will be aware of before any participation. It is the user’s full responsibility to accept, complete, deliver and comply with any terms defined in the different activities.

  28. Disclaimer of Warranties

  29. By making an order on www.thehomeofnature.com and after receiving the order, the user is entirely responsible for complying with the rules, safety regulations and precautions that accompany each product.

    The Home of Nature disclaims any liability that may arise from the incorrect use, neglect or abuse of the products sold on www.thehomeofnature.com.

  30. Final Dispositions

  31. If any provision of this document is declared null, ineffective or if it is annulled, such a situation will not affect the validity or effectiveness of the remaining clauses, which will remain fully in force under the terms of article 292 of the Portuguese Civil Code.

    Portuguese law applies to all matters regulated by these conditions. Without prejudice to the cases duly referred to in Portuguese Law, the parties agree that the courts of the owner district court will be competent to settle any dispute arising from the contract.

  32. Get in Touch

  33. In case of any doubt regarding the Terms and Conditions set out in this document, you should send us an email to customerservice@thehomeofnatue.com.

Free Contract Resolution Form

Customers have the right to freely terminate the contract within 14 calendar days, without the need to indicate any reason.
To exercise your right of free termination of the contract, you must fill in the form and send it to customerservice@thehomeofnature.com.

This document serves to inform The Home of Nature of the decision to cancel the contract for the sale of the goods described below:*