5 Steps to Choose the Perfect Towel

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Choosing the right towel can be challenging. From touch to quality, there are many factors to consider. In this simple guide, you’ll access foolproof tips to select the perfect towel for your skin and hair.

Woman washing her face with a blue hand towel in TENCEL™ Lyocell and Cotton from THON.

When you think of your skin, keeping it moisturized with the right products immediately comes to mind. Sometimes the secret is in the towels you use. Yes, it’s true! There is no point in using moisturizing creams if you then use an abrasive towel, which destroys the layer of moisture you’ve built up.

But what does it mean to choose the right towel? More than thinking about the decor or the bath linen’s features, you should consider your skin’s needs. The truth is that it’s the largest organ in our body, with vital functions such as regulating body temperature, controlling blood flow, and protecting against harmful external agents.

Thinking about this, it makes sense to opt for a towel to keep our skin moisturized. Yet, you may have already bought a super soft towel, which turned rough after the first wash, and left your skin dry and itchy. To prevent this that leaves our hair standing on end, follow the instructions of THON’s experts.

1. Towels crafted from prestigious textiles

Of course, besides protecting your skin, bath linen should be pleasant to the touch and absorbent. After all, nothing is worse than running a towel over the body that doesn’t dry it.

The first tip is to choose fabrics woven from botanical or natural fibers that are naturally soft and absorbent. At THON, we recommend TENCEL™ Lyocell and Cotton or Egyptian Cotton™ towels. But let’s get to grips with how these fibers are innovative for your skin.

Pros of Egyptian Cotton™ Towels

Woman cuddling with a gray Egyptian Cotton™ Bath Sheet from THON.

Bath linen crafted from this fiber is known for being voluminous, sumptuous, and soft, providing a moment of worthy SPA. We brought this essence to our White Gold Collection, 100% produced from Egyptian Cotton™. Towels from this collection are ideal for those who like to indulge themselves after their shower. The best of these towels? They get softer with every wash.

These features are due to growing in the unique climate of the Nile River and hand-harvesting the Egyptian Cotton™’s strongest yarns. This climate gives rise to ultra-absorbent and durable fabrics. The golden seal on our towels attests to our products’ superior quality.

Pros of TENCEL™ Lyocell Towels

Green hand towel in TENCEL™ Lyocell and Cotton from THON on a wooden bench and surrounded by green plants.

Towels produced from TENCEL™ Lyocell, a biodegradable 100% cellulosic fiber, are amazing for the most sensitive and allergic skin. TENCEL comes from certified eucalyptus forests that are sustainably managed, free from pesticides. It was this consciousness-raising that we carried over to our Pure Botanic Collection. This fiber results in very absorbent, quick-drying products that withstand the test of time, maintaining their softness wash every wash.

Whether you prefer TENCEL™ Lyocell or Egyptian Cotton™ bath towels, don’t rub them too hard against your skin and scalp. This habit can take away their natural shine.

2. OEKO-TEX® certification

OEKO-TEX® certification on a beige towel from THON.

The OEKO-TEX® certificate assures that you use products that respect your skin and the Planet. This certification guarantees transparent and fair production, free from harmful substances. With this guarantee, you are taking care of yourself, the environment, and the artisans who produce your bed and bath linen.

3. Density (GSM) also matters

The density of your towels is directly related to their quality and absorption capacity. Therefore, the higher the density, the more absorbent it is. This parameter is the weight, in grams, of your towels per square meter.

At THON, we recommend a density between 650 GSM and 700 GSM. These densities are perfect for all towels, making them absorbent, quick-drying, and easy to care for. Note that a 700 GSM towel is a luxury.

4. Bath and face towel in its place

Do you use the same moisturizer for your body and face? Probably not, because they are parts of the body with different needs. Let’s try to figure out the best solutions for your skin.

A 4-pack of blue washcloths in TENCEL™ Lyocell and Cotton from THON on a wooden soap dish.

For the face, we recommend using our washcloth in circular motions. These towels are an eco-friendly replacement for sponges and disposable cotton pads, leaving your face clean and fresh. You can use your cleansing gel to remove dead particles and makeup, if applicable.

After cleansing, opt for our super soft and absorbent hand towels. With gentle motions, remove excess moisture on the skin. A foolproof tip to ensure that your skin absorbs the moisturizers better is to leave it slightly damp.

Woman wrapping herself in a blue bath sheet in TENCEL™ Lyocell and Cotton from THON.

And for the body?Your pick depends on the sensations you want to experience when you wrap yourself in your towel. If you like to delight in supreme coziness after the shower, bath sheets (100 x 150 cm) are excellent for you. So, if you are a lover of convenience, go for extremely soft bath towels (70 x 140 cm) without giving up comfort.

5. Towels can be a decorative element as well

Bathroom decorated with a set of white and blue towels in TENCEL™ Lyocell and Cotton from THON on a wooden bench and ladder.

To select the perfect towel set, match your good taste with our experts’ tips. Elevate your bathroom to the ultimate luxury and elegance. Play with colors and textures and build a sensory experience in your bathroom.

Finally, keep in mind that they are perfect breeding grounds for bacteria and bad odors. Avoid these unfriendly agents by changing your towels every two or three days and hanging them up to dry. That’s why our bath and hand towels have a strong, ergonomic hanger label for easy hanging because quality means more convenience.

All THON products follow the sustainability principle, committing to reducing the carbon footprint for a sustainable future through a circular economy. Beyond that, each piece has been thoroughly out to be in harmony with your skin and routines. Make sure your selection prioritizes comfort, providing you with delightful sensations when you step out of the shower.

From your body to your face and hands, you should realize your needs and invest in towels that maximize the brightness of your skin. If you have any other tips to be aware of when choosing bath towels, we’d love to hear them!


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