A Guide to Sleeping with Your Pet

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Do you love your pet but can’t stand the shedding of fur at bedtime anymore? Then this guide is for you! Learn 5 excellent tips to boost your and your puppy’s sleep experience.

Cat sleeping between the white sheets of the bed.

Our pets are our sweethearts. Yet their fur spreads quickly all over the house, even into the bedroom. And it can be uncomfortable to sleep in the middle of our pet’s fur, especially for those with allergies or asthma. At THON, we love animals, so all our bedding was designed so you can share your bed with pets.

From reducing anxiety to decreasing insomnia, sleeping with pets has several benefits for your health. With this in mind, we’ve put together tips to repel pet fur from your bed without avoiding their company at bedtime. If you have allergies, you should check with your doctor before sleeping with your puppy.

Follow our tips and improve your sleep experience and, of course, that of your pet too!

1. Protect your bed sheets

Prevent your pet’s hair from falling out on your sheets by covering it with tougher layers and removing them at bedtime. A duvet cover or blanket can be a great option. This will keep your bed fresh and clean longer, avoiding allergies and asthma attacks.

2. Choose prestigious textiles

Egyptian Cotton™ bedding set in white and gray from THON.

Premium sheets and duvet covers are usually resistant to pet hair, claws, and euphoria from your paws. Avoid fluffy pieces, which more easily grab hair, like flannel, jersey, or velvet. Also, exclude textured fabrics, otherwise, your pets will likely pull on the threads.

Before selecting your bedding set, understand your sleeping needs and those of your four-legged best friend. But what are the best fabrics for those who sleep with pets? That's what we'll get straight to the point.

TENCEL™ Lyocell Sateen

White TENCEL™ Lyocell sateen flat sheet from THON.

We have great news for lovers of the silky touch of sateen bedding. Besides being an eco-friendly botanical fiber, it’s incredibly soft, cool, and absorbent. These features provide a smooth touch, making your pets’ fur sleep off effortlessly.

Sateen sheets are highly absorbent, keeping them dry and cool. This makes the sheets tension-free, which makes it easier for hair to slip off the sateen bedding.

Its antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties make TENCEL™ Lyocell perfect for you and your four-legged friend, preventing allergies and skin irritations. Given its extreme softness, there is less friction of the sheet against your skin, promoting your natural glow.

Egyptian Cotton™ Percale

White Egyptian Cotton™ Percale Pillowcase from THON.

If you don't want to give up the feeling of freshness when you go to bed, Egyptian Cotton™ Percale sheets are perfect. The way it's woven, the extra-staple cotton fibers, and the high thread count form tighter stitches, which naturally repel pet fur. Its closed stitching also lends a more resistant fabric to your puppy's claws.

The best? Percale bedding, when carefully washed and dried, gets even softer over the years. So your pet and your sleeping routine will love it!


White linen sheet.

Ultra-resistant linen sheets are effective at repelling your dog's hair due to their low static charge. Plus, linen bedding is very breathable, ensuring a restful and relaxed night's sleep. Enjoy its sophisticated look and easy maintenance!

Linen is perfect for those with dogs, but the same isn't true for those with cats. And it's not your curiosity's fault. This fiber has wider stitches, which causes them to pull yarns more easily.

3. OEKO-TEX® certification

If your pooch is prone to allergies, always choose OEKO-TEX® certified bedding. This certification ensures that your fabrics have been wholly produced free of toxic and harmful substances. By choosing OEKO-TEX® bed linen, you buy sustainable linens and protect yourself, your pets, and the artisans that lovingly weave your sheets.

4. Wash and dry your bedding properly

Woman laying a white TENCEL™ Lyocell sateen sheet to air dry.

This step is paramount to maximizing the durability of your bedding. The first thing to do is always check the manufacturer's care instructions on the label. Each fabric is a fabric and may require different care.

Before putting your textiles in the washing machine, give them a good shake to remove hair, fur, and dust. If you have the chance, after washing your bed linen, air dry them. If not, you can use your dryer on a non-heated cycle. This helps remove excess pet hair. If you share your bed linen with your dogs and cats, we recommend changing sheets every 3-4 days.

Check out all our sustainable tips for caring for your bedding and elevate your sleep quality each night.

5. Cherish your ducklings

If you sleep with your pets, pay extra attention to their fur and claws. Make sure their hair is clean and shorn. Brush it every day, they love to be petted. Trim your pet's nails carefully. This prevents infections in their paws and prevents them from damaging your furniture and textiles.

Are you a cat person? Then offer them a scratcher suitable for the age of your feline. Else they will climb curtains, table linens, sofas, and bedding.

Prevent any incidents by protecting your mattress with a water-repellent cover. Another tip is to close off divisions such as bedrooms, at least while your four-legged friends are still juniors and are being taught.

Take your pet's hair shedding as normal. After all, no super-organized home is better than the company of your furry one. Make life with your pet dog simpler with our tips and pet-friendly bedding.

Do you know any other tips for enjoying bed with your pets? We'll want to know!


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