How Does the Color of Your Bedding Affect Your Sleep?

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Your bed and bath linen color can play havoc with your relaxing moments. Discover the secrets of our bedding colors and create a serene and calm atmosphere.

Two Egyptian Cotton™ Percale pillowcases by THON next to a wooden bedside table with a gray vase and a dried flower.

Each house speaks of different emotions. Each space has different stories to tell. And the truth is that your home textiles can make a difference in your home’s aura. Colors can influence our mood and even our sleeping quality.

As the importance of colors goes beyond walls and furniture, at THON, we have thought in detail about the design of our products. From the choice of fibers to the colors of our bath and bed linen, all pieces are designed with a purpose and addressed to specific needs. Discover the meaning and sense of the colors in each of our collections and start sleeping better.

THON collections

Woman holding a button and a white sample of a THON fabric.

At THON, we craft our collections with the conception of an aesthetic space in mind. Inspired by Nordic culture and Scandinavian decor, we design textiles where the lines of simplicity are highlighted. We know that without Nature, nothing exists, so we try to bring a little of it, its soft shadows and natural light into our creations. True masterpieces, where the cosmopolitan and Nature merge into one.

The point of our pieces is to create cohesive, uniform, and light spaces, providing feelings of coziness and well-being. Nothing compares to the reception of a bright and warm home.

White Gold Collection

Bedroom with a black bed frame and Egyptian Cotton Percale™ bedding.

Inspired by the reflections of white gold and hotel comfort, this collection elevates your home into a classic, sophisticated, and luxurious space. Carefully woven with authentic Egyptian Cotton™, its name - White Gold - originated from its golden hue.

The bed linen is designed using two weaving techniques: Percale and Sateen. Percale is known for its fresh feel and surprising durability. On the other hand, Sateen stands out for its "buttery" feel. It feels just like sleeping on hotel bedding! Perfect for colder seasons, its natural texture and heat-retaining abilities provide you cozy warm nights while it's highly breathable.

Percale is designed in white and stone. While Sateen was only produced in white. These are two luxurious and calming colors that evoke Nordic calm and stillness.

Moodboard of the color stone, with associations to Nature and to wide and clear spaces.

White stands out for its timelessness, reflecting light, purity, and perfection. This color expands spaces, making them more welcoming and bright. Stone brings us the purity of sandy gray with a warm undertone. This color is inspired by the geological marks of Sweden, capturing the true evolution of the Earth. Its warm nuances make pieces in this color essential in your room decor.

Gray, beige, and white Egyptian Cotton™ bath mats.

The bath linen collection stands out for its nordic light and mineral variants. The nordic light is inspired by the first rays of the morning sun, providing a minimalist, calm, and spacious atmosphere, perfect for your SPA moment. The mineral was inspired by volcanic eruptions, also known as "black gold". This tone goes incredibly well in an industrial or masculine space with imperfect but sophisticated finishes.

Pure Botanic Collection

Bed with TENCEL™ Lyocell Sateen Bedding from THON.

Woven from TENCEL™ Lyocell, this collection elevates your sleep to luxury due to its silky, shiny, and fluid touch. Given its silky feel, our TENCEL™ Lyocell Sateen pillowcase is known for the magic it does to your hair and skin. The linens in this collection feature botanical textures, evoking TENCEL™ Lyocell origin. This collection emphasizes simplicity and allure.

Moodboard of the color srene mint and mint, with associations to Nature and the freshness of eucalyptus.

This collection's bed and bath linen have been produced in white, serene mint, and mint. White was once again created to amplify classic and sophisticated spaces. Serene mint and mint represent the freshness of the new leaves that sprout from the eucalyptus tree, from which TENCEL™ Lyocell comes. This color, which refers to Nature, elevates your bedroom to the height of tranquility and relaxation. In the bathroom, this color matches with leafy arrangements and a peaceful atmosphere.

The perfect match between colors and your home

Bedroom with TENCEL™ Lyocell Sateen bedding from THON.

Turn your home into an authentic sensory experience by creating an oasis that matches your lifestyle.

  • White & Stone. These hues are perfect for wide and sophisticated spaces. Great for bedrooms where wood details, burnt cement, and noble wood predominate. With these colors, you will give the illusion that gold details stand out from the decor.
  • Nordic Light. The perfect combo for most environments. It brings a natural and light touch to spaces with light wood, marble, and limestones. A perfect color for a spacious and calm atmosphere.
  • Mineral. This hue is perfect for spaces where solid materials and rough finishes predominate, typical of industrial decor. An elegant and dense color that highlights the details of more minimalist decor.
  • Serene Mint & Mint. These greenish tones go well with simple, large, and bright spaces. If you want to feel the serenity of Nature at home, linens in this tone are perfect for you.

More than picking colors that match your decor, you should opt for quality bed and bath linen in soothing colors, such as green or white. Focus on giving a boost to your sleep quality and your SPA moment.

According to color therapy, if you have sleep disorders and night sweats, lighter and softer colors are recommended for a more restful sleep. Do you have any other tips on this theme) Tell us all about it in the comments below.


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