The Best Cooling Sheets for Summer Nights

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Those warm summer nights are just around the corner. To avoid awkward night sweats and countless sleepless nights, and ensure a fresh night, it’s essential to upgrade your bedding with the right bed sheets ASAP.

Woman lying on a white TENCEL™ Lyocll pillowcase and duvet cover from THON.

If you usually spend all night tossing and turning in the summer, you’d better rethink the type of bedding you own: maybe the issue is its composition. This holds true not only for hot summer nights but also for sweaty and hot sleepers. After all, there is no more unpleasant sensation than waking up in the middle of the night because of the heat.

The key to a dry and cool night’s sleep is to invest in bedding crafted from sustainable resources or natural fibers. Actually, these fibers are more breathable and have better moisture-wicking properties, which are vital features if you don’t want to sweat at night or even if you have skin sensitivity. Egyptian Cotton™, TENCEL™ Lyocell, Linen, and Bamboo are great examples.

At THON, we care about your well-being, and that’s why all our products with no exception are produced either from pure and Oeko-Tex® certified natural fibers or from a botanical origin. This certification means all our pieces are tested against chemical products, being in harmony with your skin.

If you’re looking for the perfect bedding for summer, learn about the fabrics you can’t miss out in your linen closet.

1. Egyptian Cotton™ Percale

Grey percale pillowcase from THON.

Egyptian Cotton™ is a great option for the warmer seasons, or even for those hot sleepers all year round. At THON, we suggest the matte finish of Egyptian Cotton™ Percale, given its fresh and soft sensations. Believe us, you’ll swear you were lying down in actual hotel bedding.

In fact, “Percale” is a weaving technique where the stitch structure is more open, which allows easier air flow during the night and prevents heat from being trapped between the body and the sheet. This structure forms the cooler touch that Percale is known for, making it extremely pleasant for warmer seasons.

THON’s Percale bedding is crafted from natural long-staple Egyptian Cotton™, which gives our bedding superior quality and an even softer touch to the skin. Also, if you tend to sweat during the night, our Percale dries faster, providing you with a restful night’s sleep. You can use it ​​fearlessly, specially because the more you wash it, the softer it gets. It gives your skin increasingly luxurious sensations.

2. TENCEL™ Lyocell

White TENCEL™ Lyocell flat sheets from THON.

Plant-based, TENCEL™ Lyocell is the best of both worlds. Besides being a healthier fiber for your sleep routine, it’s an eco-conscious choice, since it’s also biodegradable. This fiber, certified by Lenzing, is produced in a resource-efficient, closed loop, taking cellulose from eucalyptus trees grown in certified forests, leading to a reduced environmental impact.

Crafted from a 100% cellulose ecological fiber, it turns into one of the most breathable and absorbent fabrics ever, making it less likely to develop bacteria and mites. These properties provide immaculate freshness to all your nights.

If you usually sweat at night, but prefer a silky touch, give a TENCEL™ bedding set a try. It’s the perfect combo of an airy and silky fabric.

3. Linen

White linen sheet and pillowcase.

Noble and elegant, Linen needs less water to grow and is one of the least wasteful fibers, making it another eco-friendly choice. Just like TENCEL™ Lyocell, it’s a botanic fiber, hypoallergenic and extremely breathable, perfect for sensitive or allergic skin.

Due to its porosity, it’s an antiperspirant fabric, which allows heat circulation during the night. In addition to being extremely breathable and absorbent, it has thermoregulatory properties, allowing the fabric to adapt to your body temperature. So, unlike what most people think, linen can be used throughout all seasons.

Durability, strength, and a rustic look are also characteristics of linen bedding, which becomes increasingly soft with each wash.

4. More tips worth mentioning

Rustic-style bedroom with white and aqua green TENCEL™ Lyocell bedding from THON.

Choosing the right bedding for warmer nights is essential for a good’s night sleep. However, there are a few tips and tricks that can help cool down your bed. Take note!

Thread count is key
The quality of your bedding can be determined by the fabric’s thread count. The higher the thread count, the higher the quality, but also the tighter the stitching, which hinders air flow. At THON, we suggest textiles with a maximum of 300 thread count for these warmer months.

Choose lighter colors
Color psychology plays a role here. Brighten up your bedroom sheets and duvet covers in lighter hues, such as white, serene mint, or stone. Bed linens in these colors evoke Nature’s freshness and calmness, and absorb less heat during the day, keeping you cool at night.

Get rid of the layers
If you still have plenty of layers from the wintertime, consider laying off some of them. Go for a bed made up of a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, a duvet sheet, a duvet cover, pillowcases, and a light blanket to keep your feet cozy. Don’t forget to choose lighter bedding as well, crafted from prestigious textiles, for an enjoyable summer night’s sleep.

At The Home of Nature, we know that picking the right bedding isn’t easy-peasy! The secret is to always prioritize luxury bedding made from eco-friendly or natural fibers, regardless of the season. Consider bed linen that provides you with the most pleasant sensations, as well as the style and color that best suits your bedroom. After our tips, have you already decided which fabric you’ll invest in this summer?


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