Global Organic Textile Standard

We value transparency and safety in our production process.

At THON, we are aware of the need to build a greener future without giving up comfort. That's why we designed a 100% organic collection with GOTS certification.

This worldwide recognized certification, one of the most important and rigorous, guarantees that home textiles have been produced from organic fibers, such as Organic Cotton, which grow without toxic pesticides and fertilizers. A GOTS-certified product has been tested and audited throughout the process against the presence of genetically modified organisms (GMO). With this, we protect the environment and your health, as organic products reduce the likelihood of skin irritations or the development of allergies. Just like Egyptian Cotton™, the GOTS Organic Cotton seal allows you to trace the product from harvesting the fiber to processing the yarn.

All GOTS-certified products are also OEKO-TEX®-certified, ensuring the transparency and safety of our whole production process and the use of our bedding.